Lucy Gulatyan, LMFT  |   Licensed Pychotherapist | Lic. # 51364

Hello, my name is Lucy Gulatyan, LMFT. I am the founder of Journey Therapy Group.  I have worked in the mental health field for over ten years.  Originally I gravitated to this career through volunteer work in the community and I learned very quickly that the nature of my personality is to be a helper.  I’m passionate about where a person has been- culture, gender, childhood- and where they want to go- hopes, dreams, aspirations.  We cannot change what’s happened to us but our perspective and reactions to our past can have a tremendous impact on our future.

I obtained a Masters degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from California State University, Northridge in 2007 and was licensed 2012.

My areas of expertise include:

I am an LA native. I’m passionate about art and artists of every kind and I’m in love with my city and its creative pulse. I have naturally come to work with many individuals in the film industry- musicians, actors, editors, production managers, casting directors, writers etc. This industry comes with specific demands and stress that I believe I’m familiar with. I can assist with navigating challenges including limitless work hours, procrastination, writers block, setting professional limits, etc. The demands of high stress jobs are not limited to this industry and my experience has lead me to work well with CEOs, business owners and people complaining of burnout, work addiction, and lack of work-life balance.

I am available for television or radio appearances to discuss mental health issues and Q/A segments. I have experience on camera and on the radio doing shows about cultural barriers to seeking mental health services and sexual abuse psycho education.

If you have very specific goals in mind and are ready to make changes with more direct guidance- life coaching could be a perfect fit. People who are motivated for a very specific turn of events in their life enter the world of hiring a life coach. My approach to this work is gentle but direct. I do not hesitate to discuss real changes that need to occur, I assign homework, and I like to include friends/family when possible. I have experience with life coaching for individuals as well as professionals working together. For example, I have done life coaching for bands who are wanting to improve collaboration, personal differences and boundary setting.

I have been an advocate for survivors of sexual assault for Strength United in the San Fernando Valley. I was with individuals during their medical examinations, police interviews, and court hearings. I have provided counseling for survivors of sexual assault survivors (men, women, teens, and children) for over ten years through trauma focused behavioral work. With children I utilize play therapy as well as cognitive behavioral techniques. 

Throughout my career teens and children have been a majority of my cases because it tends to be a good fit with my humor and honesty. My approach is to include family and parenting sessions as a constant during treatment. I also offer home sessions as I see fit. I feel strongly about limit setting and a great deal of education when working with this population. I have extensive experience with helping children through sexual assault, bullying, cutting, sexual identity issues, gay/lesbian issues, divorce and suicidal ideation/attempts.

I am able to provide letters for emotional support animals requested for flights and for living situations based on assessments or if you’re already in treatment.