Hope Ledding, MFT |   Associate MFT #104167

Hello and welcome to Journey Therapy Group! My name is Hope Ledding and I appreciate your interest in working with me. I also want to recognize you for taking this brave step in seeking help with your concerns. Within the dominant culture, there is often societal pressure towards perfection and hyper-independence, even though we know these set harmful, untrue, and impossible standards. In therapy, we get to embrace a more honest picture of our messy and beautiful lives, learn to see goodness and strengths we didn’t before, and deepen our connections with ourselves, with our loved ones, and among our wider communities. In therapy, we are allowed to fail and make mistakes, because this is a judgement-free zone where all of our experiences hold meaning and value. As therapy helps us to develop a greater understanding of patterns that are not working for us, we make space to discover and realize new approaches that do. As your therapist, I consider myself as both a guide, a witness, and a fellow human on your journey towards growth and healing.

My specialties include Children, Teens, Family Therapy, and Couples Therapy.
About Me

•  I am a Registered Associate Marriage & Family Therapist (#104167), in my final training year before full licensure as a Marriage & Family Therapist. I am supervised by Lucy Gulatyan, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist (#51364).

•  I have over five years in clinical practice, serving a diverse array of clients and client concerns across the lifespan. I have provided therapy to youth at school, to youth and their families at a community clinic, to young adults attending community college and university, and to older adults living in assisted living.

•  I was born and raised here in Los Angeles. I earned my bachelor’s degree in cultural anthropology from the University of California, Berkeley, and my master’s degree in counseling psychology from The Wright Institute in Berkeley, California. I am always committed to promoting diversity and justice in my work, and sensitive to issues of culture, power, and privilege/oppression that impact my clients and our relationship.

Who and How I Can Help

•  Currently, I specialize in therapy for children and teens, families, and couples. I use cognitive-behavioral (CBT) strategies to help my clients recognize and unlearn their unhelpful thinking styles, as well as attachment-based interventions to help strengthen clients’ abilities to find comfort and healing in themselves and in their primary relationships. I treat issues including anxiety, depression, behavioral problems, academic and attention issues, communication and relationship concerns, identity development, grief and loss, family separation and divorce, and other transitions and life stressors.

•  My therapeutic approach is highly personal and collaborative, focused on creating an environment of safety, warmth, compassion, and respect. I also bring honesty and transparency, humor, and deep understanding into my sessions with clients. I am strongly rooted in social justice values

•  I can provide services in-person or via telehealth, however I strongly encourage in-person appointments to engage more fully with treatment, especially in child and family therapy.